Bucket Craft Mod features: Adds 5 new buckets! All buckets can be used to milk cows. Cake crafting works with all types, but you can’t combine them. Wooden Bucket – will break apart after you empty it, and can’t hold lava (try it, something...[Read More]

FungiCraft (Fungus) Mod Basic Growing Fungus RED GREEN BLUE PURPLE YELLOW ORANGE PINK CYAN Grows to all directions Replaces liquids and weak blocks Can be safely farmed in Fungarium (Glass container, one door with signs on the wall to preve...[Read More]

Glowstone Seeds Mod features: This mod lets you farm glowstone Seeds (or saplings, if you wish) can be crafted of glowstone dust and soulsand – recipe is in the screenshots Seeds require to be planted UNDER netherrack, and can be planted in...[Read More]

Truss Mod adds motors that can move blocks and frames that can form big moving constructions.It was inspired by Red Power 2 by Eloraam. Features: Motors and frames move, and all blocks render and tick while moving TileEntities can be moved ...[Read More]

tPC Parkour is a huge map filled with different challenges of different themes. Enjoy the different scenery in the map while you ‘parkour’ around! Themes include a large park, a vast desert, a cold snowfield, and even a burning netherworld!...[Read More]

Die Rise – Experience the fun within Black Ops 2 Zombies, in Minecraft!

How to install Photo Real Modern HD Texture Pack for Minecraft In order to use HD texture packs properly (32× and higher) you will need to either patch your Minecraft using MCPatcher or using OptiFine. Optifine is preferred as it includes a...[Read More]

As the title says, it’s a Co-Op map where you need to solve puzzles specially designed for two players. There is also a texture pack that makes the map even better, but it is not needed. (Although some blocks are placed because of the textu...[Read More]

As the name might imply, this mod adds taller doors to minecraft, more custom doors.. This mod also adds a draw bridge so you can create your ultimate castle with all the effects. How to use a drawbridge: 1. Place a drawbridge base segment ...[Read More]

It is a map in which two players can compete in a horse race, players have the option to choose the team or green or black.

The Lost Potato – Chapter two: Misjudged Map You find yourself in a prison cell along with a completely innocent piglet that you must save from execution, so you can embark on an adventure after, to find the lost potato! About: For minecraf...[Read More]

Do you like zombies?  Have you watched movies like Dawn of the Dead or perhaps you watch The Walking Dead and want to see what it would be like to live out a zombie survival adventure?  The Zombie Awareness mods adds a ton of new depth to t...[Read More]

It’s ZombieCraft, the Nazi Zombies COD game adapted to Minecraft! A Collaboration created by myself, Pixelkids, Kane and MD65 Installation: Extract ZombieCraftLaunch.jar from the zip, you can put it anywhere. Simply run ZombieCraftLaunch.ja...[Read More]

Features: Extended storm system with 5 stages of increasing intensity. Naturally spawning water spouts, tornadoes, and hurricanes at the highpoint of storms. The storms rip up the terrain and toss it around. More Information: Waves Informat...[Read More]

Features: Villages now spawn in every biome that has a little flat land. Villagers have betters AI. Villages spawn 5 or more houses. Villages extends land into flat land. Villages break apart any block in the way. Villages break blocks 75 b...[Read More]

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