Minecraft has always been about crafting and mining although when Notch created minecraft he added hundreds of crafting recipes however he added just six ores, three of which can’t even be made into tools. However with the new MineScape Mod...[Read More]

This mod adds some nice sea creatures and items underwater such as coral and seaweed. Installation: Download and install Modloader Delete META-INF file Download OceanCraft Mod Unrar file Drag and drop files from “OceanCraft Mod” into “Minec...[Read More]

Metallurgy 2 is a vast enhancement to the basic mining system, adding well over 48+ new metals (based on which submods you use). Our goal is to create a balanced atmosphere for players to explore and enjoy mining. Metallurgy 2 is also modul...[Read More]

Shaders Based of the Chocapic13 Shaders Installation: 1. Download GLSL Shaders modified by Karyonix and OptiFine HD 2. Download RudoPlays Shaders Mod 3. Download and install Minecraft Forge 4. Navigate to your minecraft.jar. 5. Delete META-...[Read More]

This mod adds 14 new TNT into Minecraft Installation: Download and install Modloader Delete META-INF file Download More TNT Mod Drag and drop files from “More TNT Mod” into “Minecraft.jar” Close “Minecraft.jar” and run minecraft!

Doped Candies Mod is a little Mod that add a lot of new sweets ! This sweets hve a lot of different effects to make your survival easier! Also you can find at night a new Mob: The Lollipop Man that can give you some Lollipops to eat and reg...[Read More]

SimpleGuns is a gun mod, as you could probably have guessed. But, at risk of sounding cliche, this one is different. This mod features 10 guns. Three of them have bayonet-equipped variants and one has a scoped variant, for a total of 14 gun...[Read More]

It provide some additional pipes and objects for buildcraft. Installation: Download and install Minecraft Forge Download and install BuildCraft Mod Download Additional Buildcraft Objects Mod Put Additional Buildcraft Objects Mod jar file in...[Read More]

OpenCCSensors is a new, open-source, up to date replacement for CcSensors (outdated), allowing monitoring and gathering information from the Minecraft environment – including players, entities, proximity, world info, IndustrialCraft 2, Buil...[Read More]

The WateringCraftory Mod is a mod developer by ComicRetrolution as part of the ‘FarmCraftory Mod’. The FarmCraftory mod is a huge expansive mod that is split in specific sections all based around the idea of improving the farming skill by m...[Read More]

This mod introduces five new blocks Installation: Download and install Minecraft Forge Download HybridCraft Mod Put HybridCraft Mod zip file into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Do not unzip it. Done

Installation: 1.-Intall Minecraft Forge on your minecraft.jar 2.-Drag BaconMod.zip to your mods folder 3.-Enjoy

Features: These are all the features currently in the mod. Tents Tents are an item that can be used to create a 4x5x3-block building instantly. For balance purposes, the tent cannot be reclaimed once used. The tent blocks break instantly up...[Read More]

Star Wars Mod is a mod for minecraft, basically what it does is, it adds 4 different colours of lightsabers to the game, a Red one, a Blue one, a Purple one and a Green one. Basically all taht these are are new weapons in the game, they all...[Read More]

Mods are usually developed for specific reason, one mainly and plainly for implementing unique and game-enhancing features into the game. However, sometimes mods can be very similar to one another, meaning often only the more popular will t...[Read More]

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