[1.5.1] Magma Park Map Download

Minecraft maps are created with a single purpose to introduce an spectacular gameplay experience into the game of minecraft. Not only this, but also allowing players to fully immerse themselves in the time span in which is required to complete the map. However, the initial building of the map often takes a large sum of time and also an experienced map designer. Having experience in the specific area will give the creator a significant amount of help when trying to fully develop the map, making it available to the public. Maps must be based on some sort of theme or idea, otherwise; the map may become boring or never really start off. Unless a map was created simply for the looks, style and terrain of course. However, I simply mean that maps such as survival or adventure maps; take a lot of effort not only in the creation, but also the story line or theme in which the users/players must follow to insure the best possible gaming experience.

The Magma Park Map implements an extraordinary amount of entertaining gameplay into the ordinary life of minecraft. The entire map design being completely custom, let alone the amount of effort in implementing other features into the map. Created by Mirgeaux, the Magma Park map for minecraft is an epic experience for all players. The map truly succeeds in being a very fun experience, by combining the main theme of Parkour, with survival; the map can not only be played as an entertaining and thrilling challenge, but also a personal challenge to attempt survival without fail. Players, using the map, must travel their way through the Magma Park, attempting difficult obstacles in which they will encounter. As you progress through the entire map, things become a little hotter, and far more challenging than the start. In the initial development of the map, the creator has clearly delved into the map, covering all details and errors that the map may hold. Obviously, insuring the map is perfect is a very important factor in creating maps, and the uploader clearly did this excellently.

Magma Park Map

Rules to follow:

  • No hacking or cheating is allowed in the challenges, or the entire map.
  • No maximum, nor minimum of players.
  • Play the map of Peaceful difficulty.

How to install the Magma Park Map

  1. Download the Magma park map zip file.
  2. Browse to %appdata%/roaming/.minecraft and open the “saves” folder.
  3. Open the downloaded map zip file.
  4. Drag the Magma Park world folder/file into your “saves” folder.
  5. Select the Map inside you single player menu selection.
  6. Finished.


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