This mod lets you store your experience points and keep them later, even if you die. Also it connects every bank together, so you can collect your points form anywhere in the Minecraft world. It has a security system that when the bank is p...[Read More]

This mod adds flint weapons, tools, armor and more… Flint Flint armor is between iron and leather, in durability and protection. Flint tools can destroy everything stone can, have a durability between stone and iron, is as fast as iron, is ...[Read More]

This is a Minecraft client mod that requires nothing from the server. That means you can use it for SMP and Single Player! Minecraft Controls added: Auto Tool Selection Auto Sword Selection Auto Block Selection Hold to Attack Stack Preserva...[Read More]

The Mod contains new ITEMS, such as GUNS. Mostly snipers Snipers/Guns M40 Barrett 50 Cal L96 Intervention RSASS Dragunov P99 M9 G18 Grenade Sticky Grenade Gun Stats: M9 Pistol: 2 Damage, 12 Rounds in a clip, Semi Barret: 20 Damage, 5 Rounds...[Read More]

Have you ever seen the incredible 8-bit art in Minecraft?  Many servers utilize this style of art to replicate many things from video game characters to entire massive and detailed paintings.  If you have ever created your own, you might kn...[Read More]

With the printer block, you can paint with the different wool color and then you can place the wool in the world. Maybe you need this if you paint much in your world Installation: Put the downloaded zip-file into the mods-folder (if you alr...[Read More]

This mod changes the default model of agressive mobs and villagers and turn them into the HumanPlayer one while keeping all they usual behavior (Exploding creepers, teleporting endermans, village traders, etc). The following mobs are change...[Read More]

This is the AdventureTime Mod. This mod is still under HEAVY development. Right now there is only The Sword of Billy Requires: Modloader

Installation: Drop the DivineRPG jar in your mods folder. Make sure you have a compatible version of Minecraft Forge installed. For more information: Visit webpage Changelogs: v1.1 10 New Mobs Desert Crawler Cave Crawler Ender Triplets Jung...[Read More]


For centuries ago, when Minecraft has no compass or any navigational tool yet. People are getting lost in there own worlds. Everyone needs a navigational tool right? Well, Minecraft is also making new navigational tools too! (Map, compasses...[Read More]

Have you ever thought of the idea of blowing everything up using many different explosives just to satisfy your thirst for sabotage and destruction of the buildings around you in a safe, yet wild way? If yes, then this mod is the mod for yo...[Read More]

This mod adds 7 new bows into the game that are all different and have advantages over the other. Installation: For ModLoader 1, Install Risugami’s ModLoader (put in minecraft.jar) 2, Download and drag everything in the zip file into minecr...[Read More]

Are you having trouble reading words and signs in Minecraft? Well, I believe many of you do. Some words are, in fact, hard to read. Especially for languages which are originally complex, like Hindi and Arabic, the default wording style in M...[Read More]

X-ray as the name says is a tool that makes selected blocks transparent letting you see what you want. You can use it to find needed materials, check out whats wrong with your redstone circuit and more. The mod comes with 3 funtions: Xray-&...[Read More]

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