[1.9.4] The Stuff Extension Mod Download

The Stuff Extension Mod will be a better mod in general. The code will be more organized, the files will be smaller, and the stuff will be aplenty!

Also if you were one of the people who enjoyed The Mystic Tools Mod and were saddened that it was going away, there is good news! The items from that mod are being added to The Stuff Extension for the next update (Some balancing edits will be made of course)!


It is recommended you download files above (v1.0.0)

It is recommended to download Beta (blue) or release (green) builds as they are less likely to corrupt your world.

It is also recommended you play with NEI/JEI to reduce confusion, and see the recipes.


  • Download newest recommended version of forge
  • Download newest alpha, beta, or recommended (Newest one will probably be best)
  • Backup your Minecraft folder.
  • Install client Forge.
  • Open up MODS folder.
  • Place selected version of TheStuffExtension.jar in the mods folder.
  • Start Up Minecraft.
  • Enjoy!!!

Mod Pack Rules:

You may include this mod in a mod pack if you meet the following criteria.

  1. You MUST not make any money off the mod pack, this include add links (ad.fly).
  2. You MUST link to either this page or the Planeta Minecraft page on your info page.
  3. You CANNOT take any credit for this mod.
  4. You MAY redistribute this mod if you meet all of the previous conditions.


Minecraft Forge


Download links for other versions:





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