Real Time MC Maps for Minecraft 1.1

Many of you will be aware of Google Maps and how you can look around the earth in real time using your browser. Im sure you are aware of the tools that are available and it gives you the ability to zoom right in and look at buildings in pretty much most of the world. Well Real Time MC Maps is similar to Google earth but it gives to the ability to have a birds eye view of your Maps in Minecraft. This plug-in for server allows you to view your entire world that has been people have explored. So the more they explore the more of the Map you can see.

Real Time MC Maps

Real Time MC Maps gives you the ability to zoom in and see buildings block by block, or you can look at the Map more zoomed out. This plug in also gives you the ability to add it to your website. So if people are looking for a cool server to play on they can see the Map and the creations for a birds eye view without logging into your server. The plug in also shows where the current players are on the Map and which current players are online

How to Install Real Time MC Maps for Minecraft 1.1

  1. Go to /plug ins
  2. Paste the plug in, in.
  3. Restart and enjoy



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