Transforming Redstone Cave in this Redstone Map. Today we take a look at a Hidden Redstone House that is disguised as a regular minecraft cave. But don’t be fooled, this redstone cave is mind-blowing as you watch it transform right before y...[Read More]

You have nothing to do? Come and play LuckBlock PvP map now. Rules: Play in peaceful Play with 8 chunks At the end, battle without cheating Required: 2 players How to install: Download and install Lucky Block Mod. Download the map. Extract ...[Read More]

Escape me is a puzzle map where you must try to find something that can lead you to the next level. It has nine different stages. How to install: Download the map. Extract file. Go to %appdata%. Go to .minecraft/saves folder. If the “saves”...[Read More]

A Minecraft 2 Player Co-Op map. Escape The Levels map needs to be played with 2 People. If you do not have 2 People this map will not work. Settings: Command Blocks = True PVP = False Difficulty = Peaceful Rules: Do not go in any gamemode t...[Read More]

Blinded, armoured up and ready for battle. Fight your friends in complete darkness. Will you survive? This is Blind Battle. The aim of the game is to be the last player left alive after the battle. You can choose from kits like Custom, Diam...[Read More]

JourneyMap is a client mod which maps your Minecraft world in real-time as you explore.  You can view the map in-game or in a web browser.  It works in single-player and multi-player worlds, including MultiVerse-enabled servers.  (No server...[Read More]

Welcome to One Block Parkour Map. You will get 1 block every level. You can place blocks on any type of clay. There are 2 types of levels: 1. Levels that you can’t complete without using blocks. 2. Levels that can be completed without using...[Read More]

Natural Dropper map is a short little map featuring naturally generated droppers in the world. Your mission? Show your cats that you are a pro and complete all of them. How to install: Download the map. Extract file. Go to %appdata%. Go to ...[Read More]

In Blast Parkour: Sky Jump map you have to blast through 8 different levels. Each level has its own difficulty. Your goal is to beat this map in the least amount of Blasts. You will be tested in your skills in normal parkour and blasting yo...[Read More]

Super Cubic Bros is an Adventure/Parkour map. In some parts of the map you’ll have to avoid mobs and survive fire. To play this map in a better way, press “F5″ twice and make the camera look sideways to the level, like it was a 2d game. Pla...[Read More]

Challenge yourself with unique level designed to push your Minecraft abilities to the max. The Labyrinth of Puzzles map has over 20 levels with various challenges such as puzzle, parkour, PvE, trivia, maze, boss battle and much more. The ma...[Read More]

The Valley 2 Map is a sequel to The Valley Map. You wake up, again. It was all a dream, and you are going to make soup, for the party tonight. You leave the valley, but something has changed. And that becomes clear when you go to the superm...[Read More]

The Valley map is a short Minecraft Adventure Map. You wake up on a sweet sunny day. But then you see something horrible. You need to find your way out the valley by talking to villagers, solving a few puzzles and by searching things. How t...[Read More]

The idea of TNT Escape map is to escape a build before it explodes. You have ruffly just under four minutes to find a hidden way out. Doors will not work so you really have to look around the place. There will be no more than four ways out ...[Read More]

Slime Warper map is a slime block parkour map set in 7 different biomes. Your goal, just like in any parkour map is to complete the whole course in the fastest time possible. The map itself contains a lot of non-obvious jumps and requires a...[Read More]

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