Galaxy Warfare Mod adds many new guns, armor, coding systems and more into Minecraft. Such as making programs to implement into guns, “hacking” the guns for better protection/damage This is a Auto Programmer, you’ll need an unprogrammed chi...[Read More]

Good Night’s Sleep Dimensions Mod adds two new dimensions, the good dream and the nightmare. Each dream land is accessed through sleeping in its corresponding bed, rather than stepping through a portal. One of the dimensions is pure evil an...[Read More]

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Mod adds new items, weapons and bosses inspired manga series of the same name. Written and illustrated by Hirohiko Araki. It adds stands and the way to summon them is through stand arrows which you right click. Comm...[Read More]

Mimicry Mod incorporates mimichite, an ore that you can use to duplicate a large majority of other ores or craft any smelting recipe with double output. When you get mimichite, put one in the crafting grid with any type of ingot and it will...[Read More]

Big Reactors Mod adds multi-block power systems capable of providing large amounts of RF power to Minecraft. The specific arrangement and material of mod blocks in each multi-block structure determines the performance and behavior of the sy...[Read More]

Magic Bees Mod adds 111 new bee species that become available depending on which supported mods you have in your pack, and those that interact with a mod you don’t have won’t appear in your world. It also adds a handful of exciting new item...[Read More]

Darwin Mod adds in the ability to cross-breed mobs and create entire new species! And yes, it does get really freaky. This mod adds a mob, but the particularity of this mob is that it has chromosomes with genes. Their genetics define their ...[Read More]

Crafting Dead Mod is a Multiplayer based mod that puts you into a Zombie Apocalypse. Look for loot, craft base parts and fend off endless masses of zombies. The mod completely changes the way you look at Minecraft. Customize your character ...[Read More]

Santa’s Decor Mod adds new decorative blocks to Minecraft. It keeps to the Vanilla block types of wooden logs and planks, smooth stone, cobblestone, stone bricks, chiseled stone bricks, quartz, pillar quartz, chiseled quartz, and glass. It ...[Read More]

Currency Mod is a very simple mod that provides you with 28 money-like items in Minecraft. Each of these items has a value expressed in credits. The items are best used as currency on a server. The items in this mod are divided into 3 group...[Read More]

Lockdown is a fairly small mod aimed towards mod packs which use a pre made map. The mod was originally made by The Adubbz for the FTB team for Pax East. He was recommended by Watchful1 to release the mod proper due to rising amount of Agra...[Read More]

AWH Haggis Mod adds more food items and ingredients into Minecraft. The mod adds the following items to the game: Raw Haggis Cooked Haggis Golden Haggis Sheep Stomach Raw Haggis is obtained from a Crafting Table using a Sheep Stomach, Wheat...[Read More]

Haggis mod adds more food items and ingredients into Minecraft. Features: Raw Haggis Cooked Haggis Golden Haggis Sheep Stomach Raw Haggis is obtained from a Crafting Table using a Sheep Stomach, Wheat, Beef, and Raw or Cooked Mutton. When e...[Read More]

Counter Craft is a mod based off of Counter Strike: Global Offense, Call of Duty and Battlefield 4. But mainly revolves around Counter Strike. Play alone or with your friends in a fast passed Team Death Match or Queue to test your skills ag...[Read More]

This mod adds in 8 edible youtubers that you can craft and eat to get some special potion effects! It includes: Popularmmos Thediamondminecart Gamingwithjen Prestonplayz Ssundee Colbinator10 Skydoesminecraft Bebopvox These all give you spec...[Read More]

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