Hi, Minecrafters! Today I come with a Mod for Minecraft again.Its name is Rei Minimap Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5 . First, I ask you, are you tired of trying to find a place you want and keep forgetting where it is? If you encounter this proble...[Read More]

Hi Minecrafters! I’m quite sure all of you know what a Texture Pack is don’t you? One of the many things that make people get addicted to Minecraft and also never get bored of it is the variety of Texture Packs that will totally...[Read More]

This texture pack is up to date with Minecraft 1.2.5 It is a high definition texture pack so you will need to download MC Patch to correctly run this texture pack. This texture pack was designed for people who like to make huge realistic lo...[Read More]

Ok, First of all, this is a very classic very CLASSIC. Faithful, a texturepack that contains a  very plain texture of Minecraft’s texture. Sometimes if you look at this Pack carefully it is plainer than the default pack! Today I have ...[Read More]

KanyeCraft is a high definition texture pack, it is only available in two high definitions, 64 x 64 and 128 x 128 This texture pack is still a work in progress and there’s work to be done and tweaks to be made. KanyeCraft is a bright high d...[Read More]

Talking about Victoria time age, have you ever wanna see the real steam punk engines ? if so you are in the right place. However if you are a dude who loves little pigs with wings and nature with golden air moisture around, believe me this ...[Read More]

So Minecraft 1.2.5 is here! And it hasn’t been very long now until the most popular Mod is updated for Minecraft 1.2.5 and 1.1. Yes Too Many Items Mod. It’s the Mod that gives you the ability to get any item right from your pocket and...[Read More]

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