[1.11.2] Potion Parkour Map Download

Potion parkour is a parkour map with 20 levels including ones with levitation, timed parkour, and slime blocks!


  • Speed, Jump Boost, Nausea, Poison, Blindness, Kill, and Spawnpoint blocks
  • 20 Levels
  • 2 Easter Eggs
  • A tutorial explaining all the blocks
  • Levers that make you able to skip 5 of the 20 levels

Rules And Requirements:

  • Singleplayer only! (Multiplayer has not been tested)
  • Play in 1.11.2 only
  • Stay in Adventure Mode
  • Do not edit any terrain
  • Do not use any commands, even /toggledownfall. This is because all the command blocks do the work.
  • If you are recording, please leave the map makers name (_Sagittarius) and this download page in the description of the video.



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