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The new HarvestCraft village field

Hunger Overhaul Mod

The new HarvestCraft village water field:

Hunger Overhaul Mod

New desert village sand field

Hunger Overhaul Mod




Crop tooltips showing the best biomes to plant in

Hunger Overhaul Mod

New farmer villager trades (buys HarvestCraft crop produce)

Hunger Overhaul Mod

New butcher villager trades (sells high tier HarvestCraft foods)

Hunger Overhaul Mod

New HarvestCraft chest loot

Hunger Overhaul Mod

Harvestcraft seeds being squeezed in the Forestry squeezer

Hunger Overhaul Mod


Ever thought hunger should be more integral to surviving? HarvestCraft + Forestry/Thaumcraft integration. Harvest crops without having to replant. HarvestCraft village integration. New Forestry backpack. Tooltips on food items. And more…! This mod for you

Hunger Overhaul is modular, you can disable/modify most features in the config

HarvestCraft village integration: HarvestCraft crops can now be found in villages
The crops found in the field will depend on the biome type (plains, desert, etc)
Also added water fields for crops that only grow in water (rice & cranberry)
Also added sand fields in desert villages that contain cactus fruit cropsHarvestCraft village integration: HarvestCraft food can now be traded
Farmer villagers buy crop produce
Butcher villagers sell high tier foods

HarvestCraft chest loot integration: HarvestCraft food can now be found as chest loot
Includes chests found in dungeons, mineshafts, desert/jungle temples
High tier foods only (large meal and above)
The chance for the items to show may need balancing

Forestry integration: Flowers from PamsWeeeFlowers are recognised by Forestry Bees
I think? Unable to test properly, let me know if not

Forestry integration: HarvestCraft seeds/fruit can be squeezed in the Forestry squeezer
Seeds give seed oil and fruits give fruit juice (and a chance for mulch)
Credit for the idea goes to DraxisWuf

Forestry integration: HarvestCraft crops can be grown in the Forestry multi-farm
Crops (cucumber, garlic, tomato, etc) are grown using the ‘Vegetable farm’
Bushes (strawberries, grape, kiwi, etc) are grown using the ‘Crop farm’
Rotton crop is grown using the ‘Infernal farm’
White mushrooms are grown using the ‘Mushroom farm’
Rice, cranberry and all tree crops not included
See the Forestry wiki for information on how to setup and configure farms

Forestry integration: Farmers Backpack added
Can store vanilla & HarvestCraft crops and produce
Crafted in the usual backpack style except with wheat seeds on either side
Currently there is no tier 2 (woven) version available
Only added if HarvestCraft is installed

Forestry integration: HarvestCraft saplings can bought from the Forestry lumberjack villager

Thaumcraft integration: HarvestCraft crops can now be harvested by straw golems
Include tree crops but you will need to provide a way for the golems to reach them

Thaumcraft integration: Most HarvestCraft / WeeeFlowers items now have aspects
The aspect value of food depends on it’s food replenishment value
Another reason to craft higher tier foods

Rebalanced food replenishment values
Unprepared food, such as raw crops or meat replenish half a hunger shank
Cooked crops and meat replenish one full hunger shank
Light meals such (soups, toast, etc) replenish around 2 hunger shanks
Average meals such (baked potato, hamburger, etc) replenish 3-4 hunger shanks
Large meals replenish around 5 hunger shanks
And so on…

Foods from other mods nerfed (1/4 of food value & saturation)
Requires ‘modifyFoodStats’ and ‘modifyFoodValues’ to be true
Can be configured with the ‘modFoodValueDivider’ config setting

Tooltips on food
(see screenshots below for a preview)
The tooltip will give you a rough indication of the food value and
saturation value of the food. For example; snack, nourishing meal, etc

New GUI text shown when low on health/hunger
Displays in the top left (health) and top right (hunger) corners
Color coded warning system (White<Yellow<Red)
Can be disabled in the config

Eating food gives a ‘Well Fed’ effect that boosts health regen
The larger the meal, the longer the effect will last
Light meal (food value 4) = 40 seconds
Meal (food value 7) = 2 minutes
Large meal (food value 10) = 4 minutes
Feast (food value 14) = 8 minutes
The duration stacks, so if you eat 2 meals it will last 4 minutes
The boost increases the speed health replenishes by about 33%
For example, instead of taking 8 seconds to heal a heart it will take 6 seconds
Only affects base health regen (the one based on hunger level)
so if your hunger is low you will still not heal
Only takes effect if ‘modifyFoodStats’ is enabled in the config

Maximum stack size depends on hunger value of food
The larger the meal, the less you can carry

Eating speed depends on food value
The larger the meal, the longer it takes to eat it
Morsels and snacks can be eaten quicker than in vanilla
Light meals are about the same as vanilla

Crops take much longer to grow if planted in the wrong biome
By default farming in the wrong biome takes x4 longer
Modifier (wrongBiomeRegrowthMultiplier) can be changed in the config
You can set the modifier to 1 to disable this feature

Seeds now have tooltips that indicate the correct biomes to plant in
It gives the biome type, rather than specific biome names
An example – “Crop grows best in: Plains, Forest, Jungle”
Also tells you which block type you need to plant the seed on (Tilled dirt, sand, etc)

Crops can be right clicked when fully grown to harvest and replant
Self explantory really. You right click, harvest the produce and the crops remain

Crops only grow during daytime (not in torchlight)
Make sense, right?

Crops take much longer to grow
This, combined with the above make resources more scarce

Crops only give back the planted seeds, no extras
You can still get seeds by punching grass if you need more

Hunger value set on respawn (including initial spawn) dependant on difficulty
Peaceful/Easy = Same as vanilla (10 shanks)
Normal = 8 shanks
Hard = 6 shanks
Requires ‘modifyFoodStats’ to be true
Can be configured in the config with the following settings;
respawnHungerValue (20): The value hunger is set to on peaceful/easy difficulty
respawnHungerDifficultyModifier (4): Amount difficulty will modify the above value
difficultyScalingRespawnHunger(true): Whether difficulty modifies respawn hunger

Health heals while your hunger is above 3 shanks (albeit slower)
So you don’t need to eat as soon as you have lost a couple of shanks
It seemed pointless to have a food that restored a large amount of hunger when
you had to stay at max hunger just to heal
Now you can let your hunger drop to around halfway before eating
Healing gets progressively slower as your health gets lower

Low health gives negative effects
Slowness, mining speed slowdown and weakness
The potency of the effect and starts is determined by difficulty setting
Each effect can be individually disabled in the config

Hunger loss and healing rate affected by difficulty
Easy/Peaceful is 75% speed, Normal is 100%, Hard is 150%

Hunger loss speed increased when HarvestCraft installed (33% quicker)
Just because it’s much easier to find food

Low hunger gives negative effects
Slowness starts when 3 shanks left and the effect increases as you starve
Mining speed slowdown and weakness also kick in when under 2 shanks

You die instantly when hunger reaches zero
Don’t worry, this is compensated by the lower hunger levels taking longer to deplete

New command: /sethunger [player] <int>
Available to use on yourself and others (if you are an OP)
Can be disabled in the config


  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download and install HarvestCraft Mod
  • Download Hunger Overhaul Mod
  • Put Hunger Overhaul Mod zip file into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Do not unzip it.
  • Done

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